This time IDPA had a much more significant role to play in MIFF2020. Consequently it received prominent coverage in Films Division’s press conferences in Goa and Mumbai.

During the Opening Celebration, Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, the Additional Secretary,( Min of Info & Broad) spoke about IDPA’s success in organizing three off-campus venues for parallel screenings in Mumbai suburbs. Ms Smita Vats-Sharma, Dir-Gen, Films Div. gave thanks to IDPA in her speeches during opening and closing ceremonies.

IDPA regularly organizes Open Forum events in every MIFF. This year five sessions were held. Topics of contemporary relevance and participation of young and successful experts from concerned fields evoked huge interest and attracted large number of listeners. Most sessions ran overtime and the Q&A had to be cut short.

MIFF paid Homage to two senior stalwarts from IDPA family who had passed away since last MIFF, namely- veteran film makers Vijaya Muley (Akka) and Jagdish Banerjee.

IDPA Award (Rs One Lakh) for the Best Student Film was announced during the closing ceremony. The winner Anant Dass Sahni received it at the hands of The Chairman, National Jury, Thomas Waugh. IDPA President Usha Deshpande and DG-FD, Mrs Vats-Sharma were also present on the dais.

IDPA dinner is always a much-anticipated event. This year the new, spacious venue and sumptuous menu received much appreciation.

President Usha Deshpande was invited on the dais to give a speech during Opening ceremony. Gen Secretary Sanskar Desai proposed a vote of thanks during the closing ceremony.

IDPA Open Forum has always been a regular, popular feature of every MIFF.

This year 5 sessions of Open Forum were held with topics as –

  1. Problems faced by the documentary film makers while shooting in India. . Problems involved in obtaining necessary permissions from various departments especially Archeology, Police etc. What are the solutions?
  2. How to increase viewership for documentaries? Creating more avenues for exhibition and monetization of Docs. What can the OTT platforms contribute to it?
  3. Crowdfunding for documentaries and short films.
  4. Challenges faced by the animation film makers.
  5. Digital revolution of technology in cinema and how it helps to empower the film maker.

Eminent national and international personalities were invited to participate. Their presence along with the contemporary relevance of the topics attracted a large number of listeners. The Q&A sessions were also very lively. In fact most of the sessions ran over the stipulated time. Following that, IDPA is now flooded with popular demands for special workshops and sessions on these subjects.

IDPA Vice President Aditya Seth and EC member Ravi Iyer performed as moderators for two sessions each and member Dhvani Desai moderated for one on animation.

During the Organizing Committee meeting in Delhi for MIFF 2020, Usha Deshpande, on behalf of IDPA, volunteered to organize off-campus venues in Mumbai suburbs for parallel screenings. The rationale was to attract young suburban audiences who may not be willing to travel to the main venue at Peddar road.

Back in Mumbai, our Exec Com Member Shri Rajani Acharya accepted the leadership. Soon he finalized three venues, namely, Usha Praveen Gandhi College, Ville Parle-W, Mumbai University campus, Kalina, and Devi Prasad Goenka Institute, Malad.

There followed a tri-party meeting with Films Division, IDPA and representatives of the three venues and a MoU was signed.

Our Exec Com Members Ms Anjolie Purat and Shri Suresh Sharma attended the inaugurations at these venues. Our respected past President Ms Aruna Raje Patil graced the function in Malad. Well-known actor Pallavi Joshi was the guest at UPG College. Unfortunately Rajani ji missed the occasion as he was hospitalized.

Various cultural programmes were performed by students at all three venues. The response from young audiences was tremendous with high attendance, loud clappings and standing ovations to some films. IDPA has already received requests to plan regular screenings, workshops etc. at all three venues.

Goenka Campus

Kalina Campus

Usha PRAV Gandhi
Opening Day

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Closing Day

IDPA Best Student Movie Award in MIFF

Anant Dass Sahni

Born in a small village of Saharanpur in UP, Anant Dass Sahni completed his school education and dropped out from graduation two years due to social persecution. He spent two years in isolation, writing poetry and reading literature and then took admission in filmmaking course in State University of performing and visual arts.

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