Membership Details

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Membership Type
Fee Details
Ordinary Membership-OM Any person or organization that has produced or directed one or more Documentary or Short Film or Video or TV film will be eligible for admission as an Ordinary Member. One time Entrance fee of Rs. 2000/- plus Rs.1200/- towards annual subscription for Ordinary Membership.
Associate Membership-AM Any person aspiring to produce, or direct a short film or documentary; any person actively involved in the process of making a short film or documentary such as a writer, an editor, a cameraperson, a voice over artist or an assistant will be eligible for admission as Associate Member of the Association One time Entrance fee of Rs. 2000/- plus Rs.900/- towards annual subscription for Associate Membership.
Institutional Membership-IM Any Institute like educational, Non Profit or otherwise can apply for membership except Corporate. The membership validity will be for 3 years. After every 3 years the membership requires to get renewal to be a part of IDPA. One time Entrance fee of Rs. 2000/- plus Rs.18000/- towards subscription for three years for Associate Membership.
Life Membership-LM Any person or organization eligible to become an Ordinary Member, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules and Regulations may also be admitted by the Executive Committee as a Life Member. Once in a Lifetime fee of Rs. 18000/- for Life Membership.
Student Membership – SM Any individual who is currently on the roll of a recognized college or media institute conducting full time academic/professional courses will be eligible for admission as a Student Member. One time Entrance fee of Rs.100/- plus Rs.625/- towards annual subscription for Student Membership.
* ID Card Fees Rs 100/-


Rights of Admission Reserved :
Every application for membership will be placed before the Executive Committee for its consideration.
The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the application for membership without assigning any reason.

Voting and other Rights of Members : While Ordinary Members and Life Members of the Association will be entitled to vote, Propose or Second new members, stand for elections and hold office; Associate and Student Members will have no such entitlements.