Well known documentary film maker, film historian and author, Smt Vijaya Mulay, aka Akka, our ex President and one of the senior most IDPA members, was recently honored by President Smt Pratibhatai Patil, with the Swarna Kamal Award(National Award) for Best Book on Cinema for her book “From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and Beyond” Reviewed by John Samuel, who says, “This is indeed a monumental piece of work - a mammoth book covering the international scene of India-related films in several languages for the entire 20th century in 554 pages with a foreword by Professor Thomas Waugh. This most ambitious project was completed without an army of researchers, single handed by Vijaya Mulay who deserves to be celebrated by all film enthusiasts."

While addressing, the President stated, 'creativity knew no barrier of age and the human spirit had always been striving for excellence. The awards received by five young artistes and the award for best writing in cinema going to the 90-year old Vijaya Mulay was an encouraging fact and would surely inspire and motivate young film makers to give their greatest possible expression through this powerful medium.

The President particularly paid a special tribute to Vijaya Mulay, who - when complimented by the President on receiving an award at this age - remarked: "But I am only ninety".

Indeed you are an inspiration Akka! Our salutes and heartiest congratulations...

President Smt Pratibhatai Patil also honored filmmaker Shri Meghnath Bhattacharjee with the Rajat Kamal Award(National Award) for two of his films; one in the Best Promotional film category, for the film, “Ek Ropa Dhan” and the second in the Best Environmental Film Category, for his film, “Iron is hot”

The citation for “Ek Ropa Dhan” reads: A succinct and well researched film looking closely at an innovation applied effectively in the farming of rice. The film engages successfully with the issue and makes a strong case for the promotion of the practice called Ek Ropa Dhan.

For “Iron is Hot”, the citation says: The film is well documented with a forthright exposition of the grievous impact of pollution due to sponge iron industry on the inhabitants dwelling around that area. With clarity and veracity, the film maker is able to express empathy and concern on the acute prevailing problem over human existence.

Heartiest Congratulations, Meghnathji!

IDPA member, Abdul Rafia Fazili, a Kashmiri documentary film-maker based in New Delhi, has a feather in his cap:
Reviews - www.tribuneindia.com

Congratulations, dear member!
Sneha Sawant, our member writes: “My documentary "Jal Dindi - An Experience...." was nominated and screened at the 6th International Film Festival on Water (Voices from the Waters) on the 28th of August 2011 in Bangalore.”

Congratulations, Sneha and all the best for your upcoming projects!
Aditya Seth, an ex- EC member and filmmaker, has got rave reviews for his documentary : Bahadur The Accidental Brave
Reviews - www.inewsone.com
Reviews - www.ekantipur.com
Reviews - bhumikasa.wordpress.com

Kudos Aditya! And all the best!

Nirav Parikh sends in some interesting news from NY, USA:
Film Screening - SIHN SAMRAJAYA In the Lion and Tiger's Domain.
3D DVD release at IDPA 2011 Film Festival.
Santlal Balmike, has made a 20 minutes documentary film on digital format titled "How Real is the Reality" with Tom Alter as Anchor. It is an entry at the MIFF 2012

All the very best to him!
Mayank Ranjan Gupta, Life Member, IDPA has been making films on environment since the past 15 years. He was honored for making films on environment in Environment & Wildlife Film Festival held in Shimla. In July, 2010.  Recently his documentary film Titled: ‘Shiva’s Abode – Shrikhand Peak’ was among the top nominations in the Documentary category, at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2011.

Congratulations Mr. Gupta!

After making the critically renowned documentary "The King of Romance - Shammi Kapoor", National Award winning film critic, Suresh Sharma, an IDPA member, is now making a 26 minute documentary "Sangeetkar Ravi Aur Hindi Cine Sangeet Ka Sunehra Daur", on the life & works of famous yesteryear Music Director 'Ravi'. This documentary will be extensively shot in Delhi & Mumbai. 85 year old Ravi has scored the music for over 100 Hindi films. Some of his immensely popular works include 'Chaudavi Ka Chand', 'Gumraah', 'Bharosa', 'China Town', 'Waqt' etc. Ravi has also composed music for many South Indian films. He is popularly known as 'Bombay Ravi' there.

Here’s wishing you all the best, Mr. Sharma!!

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